Lorinda Jane

Founder & President
Palm Oil Investigations

Lorinda Jane founded Palm Oil Investigations (POI) in March 2013, a voluntary not for profit organization in Australia and more recently in the United Kingdom. Since launching, POI have become the largest and strongest voice in Australia pushing brands to source palm oil responsibly and in turn regulate supply and production.
Not only does POI highlight the issues surrounding unregulated supply they also highlight the importance of certification and ethical sourcing.
Due to the lack of labelling laws in Australia consumers have been faced with not only the inability to identify the ingredient and usage in products but also the inability to know if the usage is certified.
In November 2014 POI released the first barcode palm oil scanner that identifies palm oil and the supply chain used. The POI scanner app is free and has many features that are pressuring the brands to uptake fully certified palm oil and regulate Australian supply.
At RT13 Lorinda Jane will talk about how POI was founded, issues faced with brand statements and sourcing, consumer confusion, consumer power, POI’s support of the various rescue teams on the front line and of course the POI palm oil barcode scanner.

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